What causes this?


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I'm interested in a Laser 171000 ish near me. It had a mark/line on the deck just in board of the port gunwale. Do you know what causes this. I have never seen it before.


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My first thought is that it's something related to transport and/or storage. Is it on both sides?

Only got a picture of one side. I considered gel coat cracking due to sailor landing heavily in that area?
Looks more like it was caused by abrasion rather than impact. But the picture isn't really sharp enough to make a judgment.

It looks like something rubbed up against it over time. My thoughts are possibly the tiller or it could have slid under the edge of a floating dock and rubbed up against the facia-- although that amount of abrasion would require that to have happened more than once. Any chance you can get more pictures? It does look to be mostly cosmetic in nature.
Owner says it is wear caused by hiking, no marks on the other side. Dunno, I think I'll leave it. Plenty of others around.
Boat comes from a keen racer, it has a carbon top section and lots of sails, so I think it maybe cracking in the deck gel coat. The damage is over an area that would take a lot of weight/movement.