Wetsuit for sailing in early summer (France)


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I am sailing for the first time next week on a Catamaran. I am 191cm tall and have an average build (~80kg). The air temperature is 15-20C and will be in Northeast France.

I bought a L/XL wetsuit for the activity (Mens Full Wetsuit | Mountain Warehouse GB). I also tried on the M/L and it was a struggle to get the zip up and felt slightly restrictive on the upper body (which I felt was not ideal for sailing), but everything else fit correctly.

I can get into the suit comfortably and it fits reasonably close to my skin but does not seal tightly. See photo below.

But according to most youtube videos I found on wetsuit fit, I think the suit is now too large, but I read some places that for sailing a slightly larger wetsuit is good (so I am confused). What do people think is a suitable choice of sizing for sailing?