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I'm curious to see if there are many events scheduled so far for the Western region and if not, how the class may be able to promote and increase participation in this area. Last years Regional had 3 boats I think?! I'd love to host something in my area with a great mountain lake at 7000 feet! My only concern is no one will show up! I guess I'm desparate to sail and unfortunately for me, everything is 12+ hours away being in Western Colorado. I'm trying to start a fleet where I live, but people enjoy hunting and 4-wheeling more than sailing....If any one has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!!!


No love for the West huh?! If anyone has any ideas on how to jump start or increase class activity out here, I'd love to hear it! It seems like theirs little or no activity West of Kansas & Texas....


I would recommend trying to mirror US Sailing in regards to building up your region.

This year's US National Singlehanded Championship will be sailed in Sunfish, the O'Day Trophy Finals are at Sayville Yacht Club August 6-10, 2008. The qualifier for your Area F Championship would most likely be competed in Sunfish.


O’Day Trophy (U.S. Singlehand Sailing Championship - Ladder Event)
Single-handed competition open to men and women who are at least 16 years old in the year in which they compete. Competitors must be amateurs and must be members of US SAILING. See the Notice of Race for this championship regarding membership in a yacht club and other details. The RSA events are open to any number from each club, and is a bring-your-own-boat series. The top five competitors will advance to the Area F Semifinals. Contact Joanne Kolius.




Brian -
Just noticed your post and thanks for the information! I just e-mailed Joanne to find out when and where. If it was already in the links you provided....I must have missed it...

Thanks again!!!


Well, it looks as if Area J for the O'Day Trophy qualifying event will be held in Santa Barbara CA. except I'm told they will be using Lasers and not Sunfish in this region. Area F will be using the Sunfish and it looks like the event will take place in Texas.

So..for me...Santa Barbara is much closer than Texas..but they are not using Sunfish. Just another example on how weak the class is in the West. :( Organizers of area J do not see this an an opportunity to grow the class which is a shame.