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The new site now runs on XenForo software. Compared to vBulletin 3.8 its a much more modern architecture and runs faster with less resources. It also makes it easier to upload images, reply quickly, and even share information with your friends via twitter and facebook.

We have also moved all of the forums we run onto one domain to allow for easier access to information, a stronger community, and easier management. The Laser and Sunfish sections can still be accessed directly using their respective domain names. I also encourage you to visit some of the newer sections and take advantage of some of the forums' new features. For example, consider uploading a profile picture or avatar.

As always, I welcome your comments on the forum and appreciate your use of the website.

Bradley Green
Sailing Forums Network
I think not having the location of the boat in the For Sale Ads is a major error. You have to go thru too many steps just to find out where the boat is when it could be easily listed in the title info.
My work has been blocking multiple threads since going to the new website. Something is suggesting that it's a "games" website and it blocks me. Doesn't happen on every thread, and never happened on the old website. For example, my thread I just posted in Laser about the best PFD, is blocked, as is the one about the Laser 2, but the one about sail number/transom number isn't.

Any idea what's causing this or how to fix it from the website end? Is it some ad perhaps?
I miss the box at the bottom of a thread that contained similar threads to the one that you were on... It gave me the opportunity to see what more and more people were saying/thinking about the specific topic... Would it be possible bring that feature back?