Welcome to the New Forum!


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Welcome to the new Sunfish Forum! Its an all new style of discussion that is taking over the internet. Everyone must fill out a quick registration before you will be able to post. This help everyone get to know each other, as well as prevents spammers for flooding the website. The Laser Sailors have a similiar site that has turned out very successful, you can find it at www.laserforum.org.

To register here at the forum click the link at the Top Left of this page.

Now from the Creator of The Laser Sailboat Forum, there is a brand new website for Sunfish Sailors to participate in online discussion in the community bulletin board format. The site is designed to attract Sunfish Sailors in all English speaking countries. The site will feature sunfish related discussion and provides free listings of wanted and for sale ads. All posters will be required to fill out a simple and free registration form. Anyone is welcome to browse the site without signing up.

The site will be featured on the home page of the Sunfish Class website, www.sunfishclass.org and other sailing related websites managed or controlled by Bradley Green. To access the new website point your browser to www.SunfishForum.com. Feel free to link to this site from your personal or sailing related site.

The Laser Sailboat Forum is a website that provides Laser related discussion and free posting of for sale and wanted ads. The site had more than 650 registered members and more than 170 visits a day. The Laser Sailboat Forum can be accessed at www.laserforum.org.

The Laser Sailboat Forum and The Sunfish Forum are not owned, controlled, or financially supported by the national/international class associations and plan to remain independent websites to better the game we love, sailing!

Great job with the board. I have my fingers crossed that the spammers have yet to figure a way around the safeguards. (Maybe we should all plan our revenge against the first one that breaks into this board?).

Thanks for the effort. I know everyone will greatly appreciate the results.

Brad Bryant
Don't worry, there is a lot more that I can bring out to block the spammers. This board software by vbulletin is very powerful. I have been running another forum, mentioned above, since 2002 and haven't had any trouble with spammers.