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Welcome to the new 470NA.org


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Welcome to the USA 470 Association's new home on SailingForums.com. Your existing username/email and password will work on the new site. We hope you enjoy the improvements the new platform brings to the class website.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: All communication must be made through the website. The site does allow two way communication just not via email. We cannot provide the email address of other users unless they provide it specifically in the advertisement. (see privacy policy). For more information or to let the seller know you are interested you reply inside the thread. When you get an email “from another user” its actually a thread notification from the forum. You have to visit that thread to read the message and reply on the forum.

You can also click on someone's name and start a private conversation, but again, tell them how to contact you.

Therefore, I suggest that the original posts include some sort of contact information. And anyone responding to a post through the site can include some sort of contact information to initiate direct communications well. Please excuse the limitations of the site due to the Privacy Policy and keep the method to expedite communications in mind.
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