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Welcome to the new class forum. This will allow for much more organized delivery. This board does offer Registration, but it is completely optional. The system is a little different, but is really quite simple. Please reply and let me know what you think.

The Old Forum can be accessed regarding all post at http://www.capri14.org/MaTribux/index.php3

Bradley Green
C14 Webmaster

Very similar to formats I've used at other forums. Very functional for keeping related postings together, reducing the need to wade through all postings to find linked messages. Downside? May seem a little less informal and chatty at first as posters sort out the thread structure.
The new system is the same as I use on other boards. I suspect some people will like it and others will find it a bit harder to use. In general, this type of interface encourages more community and more discussion.

For those who have not used this type of interface before, I suggest you have patience, keep trying to use it and give it a chance.


Looks good.

I was about to suggest Yahoo groups, which I've been to for a variety of professional and hobby interests, but this looks really good. Nice work!
New Forum

Could you be more specific on how to access the old forum? I tried going to the site referenced and tried a few paths without much luck. The old forum had some good tips and technical info. Thanks.
Sorry about that, I left the index.php3 off the address.
I updated the post above with the correct information.