Weird sail...


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Hello all,

So, I have three Sunfish sailboats, "White Out", "The Sink Fish", and "Orange Crush". The last two, both have the standard sail configuration, that measures 13.3' at the luff, 13.3' at the foot, and 14.3' at the leech. Then there is "White Out", it has a luff of 14.833', 14.5' at the leech, and the foot is 12'.

Needless to say this is not your standard Sunfish sail, can anyone tell me what this might be too? Was it some different version of a Sunfish? Even the boom and upper spar are odd lengths at 12.5' and 15.5" respectively.

It sails nice, but I am not sure how to rig it with the different sail size.

Super Porpoise, a common clone, has a larger sail than the Sunfish. (But I think both spars are equally-sized).

Should you want to revert to Sunfish sails, those spars can likely be modified using common hardware store items.
Some of the Snark brand boats had asymetrical shaped lateen sails. Maybe this is one of them.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia. NY