Wednesday sailing!! Lake Travis Reopens


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After a few weeks of enforced Wednesday night Laserforum and Sailing Anarchy sessions, the Lower Colorado River Authority has reopened Lake Travis for recreational use.
This means you MUST sail tonight!!
You also MUST bring plenty of jingle and plan to go to a local lake restaurant after the sailing. The wait staff has been going virtually tipless for a month. It didn't cost you a penny to cruise the internet and watch tv during that time.
Spend some of what you saved on helping those who did not have jobs for the last month!!!
But sail first!!

Be ready to cross a starting line at 6!!
...or, Merrily, gouv knows sailing mates at the timezones east of Dhaka ~ Nowosibirk and west of the Marshall-Islands ~ Kamtschatka, that probably plan come to sail Laser at Lake Travis... ;)