We will kayak from Miami to Caracas

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We wan't to know what people think about our trip number one. ultimatekayaktrip.com

And number two we want to know if any of you sailers could assist us in our research into finding out about the exact current speed and direction of each of our crossings, as well as general wind direction and speed for the months that we propose our trip. Once I have all that info, I can plug it into the site and create a site that is useful to kayakers and sailers alike.


Kyle Pounds of Boulder

Rob B

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I'm not that interested in sailing. Kayaking is better excersize. Thanks for the invite though.
Where I live Kayaking is huge. I'm sure there must be some kayaking club web sites you can go to for this info? Also, as a "boater" in general I'm sure you pay close attention to the weather every time you hit the water. You must be aware of the NOAA sites that provide marine info.

Good luck w/that trip.