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Washing New Mainsheet


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I have just purchased a new Laser XD mainsheet for the upcoming season. Although not purchased from Rooster, I read on their website that they recommend washing their Polilite mainsheet before use on a cold wash with a little detergent to remove oils in the rope.

Is this a practice that people out there do with other makes of new sheet or do you leave it for the elements to do it on the first few outings?:confused:


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Yep, I do it with whatever sheet/brand I'm using. Take a new sheet out unwashed and you'll see how much more grip you need to apply to hold it. You'll wash them straight away after that and not waste good sailing time.


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The whole point of "washing" it is to get the soap by-product out of the line prior to sailing with it. The manufactuing process of hi-tech line uses soap as a lubricant so if you go sailing prior to soaking and rinsing your line it will be slippery. Best way is to rinse it several times in the tub then let is soak overnight then let it drag behind you in the water the first sail


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Tie it up in a pillow case and run it on a cold cycle in your washing machine (add no soap)...much easier.