Wallace & Gromit

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I don't see movies in the theater much anymore, but finally saw the new W&G and I was glad I did.

Clay-mation is amazing, the facial expressions and movements are tops.

On top of that, I was laughing a bunch, and when I wasn't, I just had a big smile on my face.

Loved all the old W&G and this one was tons of fun as well.

Rob B

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Did you see Chicken Run? Kids movies are getting pretty good. We got the Madagascar CD. The 5 min Penguin flick at the end is worth the whole deal. "Where's the squeaker?" and "Hoover Dam!" Best 2 quotes.
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Chicken Run was funny, same people, so that makes sense.

I saw the Penguin short at the start of W & G, and it was indeed quite hilarious :D