Video: Escaping The Strong Coastal Winds


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My brother came out to California from Maine again to visit and do some sailing. But of course as soon as he arrived, a window of very strong northwest winds from the Eastern Pacific high set up on the coast. So we had to escape inland to avoid the 30-40 mph coastal marine forecast.

We went to Benicia on the Sacramento River/San Pablo Bay area and had some nice sailing. Meanwhile, as suspected, it did nuke on the coast. Below is the wind sensor data from that day where we had wanted to sail at Tomales Bay. Note the gusts to nearly 40. And this sensor is actually sheltered some from the winds! Good thing we went to Benicia.

Anyway, the footage is Sunfish and Laser. And I did the video for my brother so it's kind of long. But I thought you all might want some entertainment. Here's the video.


- Andy