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Expired Vanguard Laser with lots of extras

This classified ad has expired.
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This is a 1999 yellow stripe vanguard laser. I have owned it for the last 10 years and it has been a great boat. The boat it well used and has its fair share of repairs. Price will depend on what extras you choose to take with it from the following list. Extras can also be sold separately. Delivery possible within Florida for a reasonable fee. Shipping available for items like sails and controls.

The boat will be sold as a fully rigged 4.7 or radial, and the following can be sold in addition to that. The boat will come with a blade bag, top and bottom covers, alu upper section blades, rigging and sietch dolly. Could also be sold with a PSA style stacking steel dolly (
I have 2).
(All sails come with battens)
ILCA 4.7 race sail (6 days of use)- $350
2x Laser Radial sail (well used)- $100
2x Intensity radial sail (well used)- $50
2x 4.7 intensity sail (well used)- $50
Laser 4.7 sail (very well used) -$50
3x Radial Aluminum lower section- $175
2x 4.7 Alu lower section-$100, $150
Carbon Upper Section- $400
2x Alu tillers- $10 per
2x Rigged Vang- $250
Carbon Tiller and Extension- $100 each
Boom fully rigged with out-hall and bungees- $175
2x Centerboards- Old and beat but functional $50 each
Many used hiking pants, with different level of wear, size medium and large- $25-$50.
May also have other stuff so ask, and have pictures with lots of stuff. Located in Fort Lauderdale, shoot me a text at 754 207 7916.
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