Value this capri

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New here to the forum and wanted to ask some assistance in establishing a fair purchase price for the boat i am looking at purchasing.

The current owner reckons it is a Capri but does not know the age or generation of the boat. Reading and looking at pictures, it seems it is not a MOD 1 but I am lost after that.

Any help in putting a fair price for my purchase is appreciated. (The trailer is being included in the sale)



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catalina omega

This looks like a Catalina Omega. If they are marked the same as the 14.2 you should find the manufacturer date on the exterior of the transom on the right side near the gunwale. The last two digits I believe represent the year. These seem to be running around $700 to $1000 for a good sound boat with trailer.
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Thanks a lot for the replies. I was so excited when checking it out but sadly after two hours of driving, the boat was not in very good shape. Two separate cracks throught the fiberglass, soft fiberglass, random holes drilled above and below the water line and miscellaneous gelcoat cracks. I guess my hunt for a starter dinghy continues.