Using a Sunfish rig on a laser

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I don't want to turn this into a Laser vs. Sunfish war......just had a question. I own three Sunfishes and a Minifish. Love them to death. My daughter owns a Phantom (SF-clone) as well. She has also acquired a Laser clone that has the rudder and daggerboard, but no mast/boom/sail. For fun and games we want to use the Sunfish sail assembly on the Laser. Should work, the mast step is actually a little larger. Don't care about the performance, just want to play around with it.

Anyone on the forum done this? Any tips? I know we are going to have to build up around the mast base (plastic+duct tape) to increase the diameter slightly. What about sail/gooseneck set up? If you've tried this before and can let me know your experience, we'd appreciate it. Not trying to make a permanent rig or anything, but pretty much just fooling around! :)




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I had a Laser :( and sold it the same season. :rolleyes:

The Sunfish rig should work OK, even making the Laser less "tender".