Used Laser price guide

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I have compiled a simple set of plots for used Laser prices from about 35 ads in Australia. The idea is to have the prices in function of boat age, so it also provides a guide on the boat age from the sail number. I think this plot is useful as it doesn't depend on the current year, making it always up-to-date and easy to maintain.

I would be interested in knowing if other people have come accross similar guides.

The original version of this plot is available at:



yeah, that's very easy to figure out, nice work.

I plot the price, year, extras, etc, that every used laser I find sells for.

Not a huge data set yet, but we're getting there.
yeah, dr laser used to have the same type of think, it was nice to use as a reference, also it made note of where the laser was sold, and i belive when in the season/year.
Theres an old one on the classifieds section of the WA laser association site -

Another factor I found interesting on your "boat number vs year" chart, is that as the slope of the line increases, it means there are fewer boats being sold/made. I suppose this will happen to some extent because there are so many second hand boats out there - market saturation.
The current slope seems to be about 5000 boats per 2 years, but in the 80's it was about 5000 per 6 months.