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If you have not visited, it is time to do so. Sailing
Course.COM is a US SAILING website, free for public viewing, and currently
has a new easy-to-use FLASH navigational interface. The site currently

Six sailing courses and one powerboating course, with a total of eight online
computer graded tests. 660 text documents with 254,000 words of text,
numerous pictures and illustrations.
89 Video Presentations, 16 animated gifs, 6 PowerPoint presentation, 8 FLASH
presentations, and 2 interactive JAVA programs.

Recent Website Expansions Include:

"Introduction To Sailboat Racing" This section is for the sailor who wishes
to get started in racing it is divided into two parts "Basics of Sailboat
Racing" and "The Basic Rules Of Sailboat Racing" and uses 16 Computer Animated
Videos, two FLASH Slide presentations along with a MS Producer Video
Presentations (and for Dial-Up users there is an HTML version). After
reviewing the two sections you can take a 20 question racing test to test your

“The Many Ways To Experience Sailing” This section discusses the different
types of sailing and is targeted to the non-sailor. It is available in HTML,
FLASH Slides and MS Producer Video format.

Kevin Kavanagh
US SAILING Training Committee

EDITORS NOTE: High Speed Internet (Cable/DSL/ETC) or lots of patiences Recommended for viewing.)