U.S Virgin Islands Sailing


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Hi guys!
My name is Patrick Hile, and although I have been sailing for well over a decade, this is my first time stumbling on to the site! I've spent the better part of two hours reading through all the funny and amazing posts on here and can't wait to get to know more of you!
I recently started a sailing expeditionary company with a very close sailing buddy of mine, and would love to get a few of you out on the boat with us for a day or two to explore the Virgin Islands. No set itinerary, just sailing the beautiful Caribbean and stopping in at various spots to explore! The website is USVIsailingexpeditions.com ! I will be checking here and my email if anyone has questions or is in the St. Thomas area!

Happy sailing!
hile a year is a long time, the recent video on their facebook page doesn't appear that much is going on. From what I can gather, they are still in the planning phase of Bitter End 2.0 as they are now calling it.