Two birds with one shot

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We saw an ad in the local paper: 1994 Capri 14.2. Price negotiable. Single owner. Under tarp. Collection point about a 2 hour drive. First comes first serve. Negotiations done, the new baby in the family (there is a 22' Hunter in the back yard as well) were parked in a prized spot: right outside the screen porch to be admired 24/7. Then the rain came and for two weeks Central Florida was drenched. Finally it was dry enough to sort out the rigging. A mast rasing system will have to be fabricated for the only male in the family. Other than that it was a breeze.

Then launch day came this past weekend on the Indian River. Father and daughter bonding, kind of. Very light breeze to try the jib and main singlehandedly. Thirty minutes later the crew complained about the heat, the lack of action, and the desire to watch a new TV show. At which point the patience wained, the skipper's temperature raised internally and some harsh negotiations started. Long story short - the crew was grounded!:mad:

The joy of living: Mommy needed to get aquinted with the new toy as well. Perfect timing was called for to coincide with the Shuttle launch an hour or so before sunset. On a broad reach in 14 mph winds, the whole family was watching Endeavor plowing through the skies followed by the sonic boom which is really amplified on the water. As the shuttle disappeared we made a nice tack on a perfect angle back to the dock.

All this said to say that we found the Capri 14 easy to handle - especially after reading all the horror stories on the forum about capsizing and turtling. We had gusts up to 17 mph and a two foot chop while she behaved like a real lady. Perhaps the weight of two adults and a child helped, but never was the toe straps called for. We did douse the jib towards the end for safety as you will understand, it was vital that this first experience for the whole family must be a winner! ;)

From this limited experience it was a good buy. Just in case a Baby Bob is in the future plans. As they say: overkill is just enough.
Fair winds and calm seas.
Michael Cordier
Malabar, FL
Hey Michael,
Wow! You got to watch Endeavor take off while sailing?!!! I'm jealous.

Congrats on your new acquisition. Mine's a '94 also and I seem to be getting more and more attached to her after every foray onto the water. From what you've written, I'm thinking you have enough sailing savvy to avoid the Baby Bob Blues. Alas... jealous again. ;)

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