Tuning question

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I have a '91 with a roller furling jib. I see that the tuning guides suggest:
15' 3" and 3/4" and if short add shackles.
Well my jib wire with all components is 3" 3/4" shorter. Instead of buying a non-furling jib and forestay is it reasonable to add shackles, and what kind do you use.
Thanks :)
wire or dacron

I've seen people that have used a short piece of wire on other sailboats as an extension. You would probably require someone to make the piece for you.

Non-stretch dacron line is a reasonable replacement to wire on many boats. I know of older larger sailboats that have converted their old wire halyards to dacron with great success. Probably cheaper than wire, but certainly easier to take care of on your own.

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