Trouble at the Old Folks Home


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Is he off his meds?

Look what the Old geezer posted.

I am worried! Let's take up a collection.

He needs to sail more and type less.

Those damn nurses must be keeping him away from the sailing pond again.

A Preface to a Limerick
By Old Geezer

You can't use the bain?
What a pain!
It would be such a gain
And now you've flushed Rossums' idea down the drain.

I can hardly contain
My disdain
For how these rules constrain
A Laser sailor like Rossums who wants to use his brain.

So to save him any more strain
Let's start a campaign
To allow use of the bain
And to elect Rossums for President of the whole damn global Laser domain.

The Geezer
BY Gouvernail

The Geezer just posted again
and again and again and again
and again and again
and again and again
and again and again and again
Gouvernail thinks I post too much
He has a point as such.
In my profile it boasts
That I have made three hundred and thirty posts.

But who is the pot calling the kettle black?
How dare he give me all this flack?
In a similar amount of time
He has made nine hundred and fifteen posts (but not all in rhyme).

So please don't criticize me young Fred
After all it could be said,
As someone wrote here once before,
That you're the one who needs to type less and sail more.
They ain't thick, but then they ain't fast either.
by Chainsaw

The excuses run thick and fast on who will be last
to post the most
and drain the brain from the laser forum game.

The older they get, the slower they sail
and the louder they wail,
as the young bloods put the final nail
in their regatta careers.

The oldsters can but kneel at the altar of zeal
displayed by Rossums and the like,
who can still hike hike hike
while the best they can do is take a rest home trike
down the club
to remember what was
when they sailed more and didn’t keep score
on the laser forum game.

Twas all in vain.


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There one thing I still do
and youngsters sometimes do too
I hike real hard
And deliver my word
and still sail faster than you

This message my just be a boast
about Geezer and too may posts
It may be absurd
to post rhyming words
to you poets I still raise a toast

OK so I'm up posting late
and the content my not be so great
But the race was light air
and I wasn't there
so in Cleveland Friend Bill could do great


Now Geezer.. you are in the thread with us
And you're right no one posts quite like this sss
Lest you rhyme more in time
to get out of this grime
you still could be writing next christmas