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My first year of sailling and I think its great . However, I live in canada in the city and my boat is an hour away at our cottage. Meaning that I can only sail MAX 5 months during the summer(two months of which the water would be dangerously cold). I'm kinda tired of constantly reading about sailling and thinking about sailling and theorizing about sailling . Anybody stuck in a similar problem ?? (or HAVE been in the past ??)
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Did I mention I was 15 :eek: ? I saw An iceboat for $200 here in ottawa and told my dad about it, He said he thought It was kinda dangerous,which kinda makes sense......I guess . Have you ever Ice-sailed before ? How popular is it ?? I've only really heard of it , But i've never really met anyone who actually does it .


Iceboating can be dangerous if you sail alone. Find a group in your area to try a boat out. I started in a borrowed DN. I now have built my own iceboat and joined a local club. It is addicitve. Ice + Wind = Speed.

Watch the attached video of a J14 and then visit a very popular web site here in Michigan. Elk Lake Iceboating. There are more "U-tube" videos of regattas and races. There are even more radical sailors out there with "Freeskating". A modified skateboard / snowboard with runners and a windsurfing rig. 60 mph laying down is fast......60 to 75 mph standing on a freeskate is extreme.

You can sail almost all year round with a dry suit for frostbiting and then a snowsuit for iceboating. There are only those times to wait for the ice to freeze or thaw depending what season is next. :)