trap vest?

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hey guys. I know this is the laser forum, but we still sail 420's and stuff right?

I need a trap vest for a 420, and dont know what to get. I would like it to have quick release.

Don't get a quick release harness...If you do, you will regret it when it dumps you in a nice breeze and you mess up a race. A good knife is just as effective, if not more so than a quick-release. Go for a Spinnaker Shop harness. It is nappy style, it's wicked comfortable, and is probably the best standard harness out there besides the Grand Banks.
Well, you can either get a really crappy one that you will regret getting due to how many straps there are, and end up chucking it and getting a new one, or just spend the money for a good one and use it for as long as you fit into it.

i brought a magic marina trepeze harness i have had it for 3 years and use it on all kinds of boats from 420 to an internatinal 14 and it was £99:)

so the cheap ones aren't all crap lol:)