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Transom and Electrical Improvements!


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Finally got this picture transfer thing figured out so enclosed is a blitz of the improvements I made to my Capri which was in need of lots of TLC when I bought her..........

The Mod 1 has a hollow transom which required lots of work to reinforce it to accept improvements. The inside access holes were covered with the Beckson plates, they have great storage bags that insert, totally waterproof. See the fiberboard material reinforcing the outside, specially made for marine use. It''s nice to have the motor mount (supplied by Catalina Direct) recessed away from the hull, when you raise and pivot the motor sideways it's totally out of the way for sailing. And the ladder surely needs good reinforcement for a guy like me to haul his 190 lb butt on board!

Opted for a lightweight single battery for most outings but also made provisions for a second one to be added in series as needed. Lightweight Minkota trolling motor works for me compared to having a gas unit.

Electrical setup includes a circuit breaker and capacity gauge. Plug to connect motor with the power.

I've got some additional pics of my Baby Bob setup, but for the moment at least you can see the bracket.

And there's the Tiller Tender which is a precision tool that's superb for singlehanding.

Finally a buddy took a good shot of me close hauled. See where that 190 lb gut helps the boat speed while racing, and I love my pasta! Also can see how the motor is positioned while underway.

Now there's a bunch more pics I can organize and put out here in the future, but this is a good start