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Transferring Laser from Kitty Hawk trailer to Dynamic Dolly


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I got a new Dynamic Dolly. I‘m looking for advice on how to transfer to Laser from the Kitty Hawk trailer (lightweight boat trailer) to the dolly with just myself. I‘m a petite female, and anything labeled “lightweight” is near my max. lift capacity. I tried bringing the dolly behind the trailer, but the dolly handle is too high to get the dolly underneath the boat. So I disconnected the top one-third piece. Pushed the boat onto the dolly while the boat was supported trailer bar and sling. Getting the top-third leg to snap back into the tube is impossible without a second person. Im guessing someone has an easier method?..



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Pull the dolly up to the swivel bow on the trailer at an angle, transfer the bow of the boat to the swivel bow on the trailer. pick up the stern of the boat and move it to the trailer. It might be heavy for you but that's the best way to do it. A second person on the stern is a big help even if they are also petite.


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Thank you so much for this tip. I always wondered why the Kitty Hawk bow swiveled. Now, it all makes sense. Yes, the boat in general is heavy for me, but I’m gonna give this a try.


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It's hard for one person because you have to lift the hull over the trailer supports and if you drop the boat...


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Oh yeh, the high gully supports are a hurdle for me to get the boat over
Thanks Wavedancer for adding that info


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Bow swivel is the best feature of the Kitty Hawk. One tip, always try to transfer the boat to and from the trailer with the trailer attached to your car. If the tongue of the trailer is sitting on the ground, it means you have to lift the stern of the boat even higher to clear the gunnel supports.