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Hi everyone,
I'm the commodore of a small community sailing program that teaches kids from 10 to 14 how to sail. For the last 25 years we've taught them in Cape Cod Mercuries and need to replace the fleet. We're very impressed with the Capri 14.2. I'd love to hear feedback from others that have used the Capri to teach. I have a couple of specific questions;
- The beginners are known to ram others as they learn. Can the boat stand up to this?
- Can you order a special "beefer" set up to accomodate significant use? The boats will be sailed from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m for July and August. What would you suggest outfitting them with?
- Spinnakers - although not standard on the Capri, can be purchased. We like to teach the older kids how to fly a spinnaker. Any comments on flying a spinnaker on the Capri?
I really appreciate any insight you could provide.:cool:
thank you,
1. Boats will take some rail to rail bumps. They are strong for boats but define ramming. Are you saying they T-bone each other?

2. I don't know of any beefed up options for a C14.2

3. If you want to fly spinnakers, C14.2 is the wrong boat as it is not an option so you'd have to retrofit the boats.

Buy Vanguard CFJs. Its the trainer of choice for what you are describing. Tougher boat than the C14.2, has a spinnaker option, fleet racing at the jr level. go to
select Club FJ
Instructing with C 14's

Jim: The Arizona Sailing Foundation is using C 14.2's in our Start Sailing Right and High School instruction classes. C 14.2's are a fairly tough boat and fairly forgiving for newcomers as long as winds aren't too strong. Around 4 to 12 mph is optimal. Moreover, used C 14's's are fairly readily available here at a reasonable price and when well equipped may be a little quicker than newer boats. Some of our older boats have regular sails and some have racing sails which gives some variation for differing degrees of ability. Controls are simple. I think it would be easy to use slightly larger sidestays and forstay for durability at not too great a cost. If you do go with C-14's, be sure to inspect inside the upper mast to see if the foam plug still has integrity. If it leaks, the C 14.2 can turtle after capsizing. Also I'm sure you instruct your students to be sure to release any cleated sheets in event of capsize so that they can be righted by pulling hard down on the centerboard from bottomside of hull. Dick K.