Question Tips for stepping/dropping mast


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Self-professed newbie here... I purchased my J/24 after it had been in the water for quite a while. I recently pulled it out, and want to unstep the mast. My current thinking is:
  • use some tree climbers to run a line, with a block in the middle of the line, between two trees
  • run a line through the block
  • secure one end of the line to a secure point on the mast
  • hoist the mast up and pivot forward, lowering until resting on the fore and aft pulpits.
    • I have a support to place in the mast port to relieve stress on the middle of the mast
    • I have some material to cushion the mast resting on the pulpits
What are some alternative methods besides the "line between two trees" approach (no crane available)?
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Do a little research on making a gin pole or maybe someone nearby has one.
Whatever method tie a loop around the mast, then the free end of the line to the spinnaker pole bracket allowing the loop to go just below the spreaders so you don't lift it by the spreaders.
Two people works best.
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