Tiller problems



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I have had my Capri since the early 90's and have noticed that over the years the tiller will not staying down once I am sailing. My father tried to fix it by tightening something on it but it continues to lift approx. half way up so that it does not handle as nicely as it should. Has anyone else had this type of a problem or have any suggestions as to what I should check/replace?
I can only guess you are talking about the rudder not staying down. The rudder being the part of the boat that you can control the direction that the boat goes. The tiller and tiller head connect to the rudder housing that holds the rudder. If the rudder is coming up when you sail as it did on a C14.2 I owned, I just drilled a hole through the rudder housing and the rudder for a quick pin. Then I install the quick pin after I leave the beach and remove before I beach.