Tiller extension universal joint replacement


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I bought a used laser a few years ago and it came with tiller extension labeled RWO and I believe “Fastal”. Whatever, the universal joint broke today. I would like to replace the joint but the repair options/techniques I find online don’t match my extension set up.

Is this an Omniflex version? Does this rubber insert need to be pulled out? Have tried but it’s doesn’t want to “pop”. Cut it off and purchase Omniflex and simply force that in?

I can buy a new extension if that’s the best advice, but if this can be repaired I’d like to do so. Thanks in advance for any constructive advice.


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Looks like the extension has had a section near the end rolled in to retain the insert. I think you need to cut the rolled part off the extension without cutting through the rubber, then pull out the broken joint. You will lose 10mm or so of the extension.

Retain the new insert with a screw or pop-rivet
The extension is called ”Fastac”, and yes, the joint is an ”Omniflex”. The stub should come out by using pliers, vise grips or other such tools and brute force. The new joint should also go in with sufficient force + lubricant.

But how long is that stick? If it’s the 105 cm version (or even shorter), you might as well buy a longer, complete new one.

Thanks, great advice both. Brute force eventually snapped the rubber so now I’m down to cut and replace with new joint or purchase a new extension.

I had to laugh: yes, this is (presently) a 41”/105cm extension. Being fairly new to sailing when I purchased this Laser, I was at a loss with how to deal with this “unbelievably!” long “handle thing” flopping around as I was trying to deal with rigging and damn Vangs and mainsheet catching on the stern and …. you get the picture.

Eventually watched enough vids, got advice from my sailing friends, sailed and sailed, and finally I’m nearly fairly proficient using the extension. I think longer than 41” would be more than I need on my Northern Wisconsin inland lake where I can easily run flat with a moderate hike.

If you have any suggestions for brand/online dealer for inexpensive extension, feel free to chime in. Carbon not necessary. My tiller connection is the square slide-in which appears to be the most common version.

Thanks again!
Follow up question; if you suggest I start a new thread, let me know.

So I bought a new Ronstan extension, Battleship 41”. The universal joint connection is slightly different than what I have on my tiller. The new square rubber fitting did not slide in easily, slightly thicker, and I had to push it in to seat properly using a closed pliers.

Extension moves just fine, BUT the cover cap Is slightly larger than the existing tiller mount and does not snap down over the joint. I literally can tape or otherwise secure it in place and I believe the connection is tight enough that I won’t have any issues. I do not remove the extension and won’t until the next time I need to replace it. Let’s hope that’s a few years out.

I don’t race so don’t care about what’s legal. Does my fix sound OK or do you think I will run into problems? My tiller is round so if I have to replace the tiller mount, I have to also buy an adapter. As always, I appreciate any advice, thanks!
Trying to fit a Ronstan joint onto an RWO mount? Just get a Ronstan mount, and a round-tiller adapter if you want. Too bad these things aren’t standardized.

The class rules don’t restrict the extension in any way.

Thanks and yes, that’s the best way to go. For now I secured it with a Velcro strip and tie but that will fail and the cap will be loose eventually.

Can you remove the cap on a replacement mount prior to installation? Could I remove the heat shrink and pin on the new extension and replace the new cap with old and put it back together? Close to a horse apiece, but it would save me from having to drill out and replace the rivets on the existing tiller mount.
I don’t entirely understand your question, but I’ll repeat as a good rule of thumb, do not try to mix parts from different manufacturers when it comes to extension joints. Drilling out a couple of rivets is comparatively straightforward after all.

Well, that kind of sucks, lol as the kids say. I guess universal doesn’t mean universal. No problem, I can drive a drill and the adapter is a cheap date. Thanks.