tiller extension help!!!

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My tiller extension ( older ronstan ) keeps coming out of it's place on the end of the tiller.
The first piece is inserted ok, but the rectangular part that snaps over the small assembly does not.
I was wondering if anyone knows of a small 'universal joint-type-thing' that could be screwed in place on the tiller, then I could make my own extension out of anything and not have to worry about losing the darn thing in the ever-so-important gybe or tack....


Yes, they make universal joints to join tillers and extensions. Go to your favorite marine store and take a look or check it out online. Use Tiller Universal Joint as your search terms.
If for some reason the snap-on part will not stay in place reliably even with electrical tape to secure it some people sacrifice the 'easy detach' feature and simply drill holes so the fasteners permanently hold all parts to the tiller head.

Means the universal will be continually bent if the tiller and extension are stored in a bag and this might mean the rubber universal may need replacing sooner - but if you can be bothered to store the tiller with permanantly attached extension hanging or standing at 90 degrees over winter it should not deteriorate at a significantly faster rate than universals on extensions that are detached each time you unrig.
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Thanks for your replys. Yes, I have found that duct tape seems to work just fine. Also, like you say, I store the tiller and extension loose (read 90deg.) so the universal joint is not affected.

Thanks again