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Tiller and Rudder design


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I'm an instructor at a boy scout summer camp and I have been tasked with making an old laser operational once again. I've had pretty good luck so far and found most of what I need but I can't find any specks for the tiller or rudder. Does anyone know how I might go about building a replacement as we don't have the money to buy a new one?.

Rob Hair

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I think you would be better off buying "practice" parts (non class legal) from sources like Intensity Sails.


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Rudder and tiller+ extension are quite complicated to make. My only suggestion to reduce your work would be to make a fixed one, that is one where the blade does not kick up.

beldar boathead

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Riv’s suggestion is a good one. Otherwise you really need to by the aluminum rudder head and then can make a rudder blade, tiller and hiking stick.

Jean M

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Here is a link on the rudder specs. You may want to post to a local sailing group on social media like Facebook to see if you can get someone to donate parts to the Scouts.