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The "Ultimate" GoPro mount for Laser sailboats


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For those who are interested, I developed a new GoPro mount for Laser sailboats, and I'm making it available to the whole Laser community.
It is based on five small parts, which I have designed, that can be easily 3D printed.
I'm sharing the relevant instructions and files on Thingiverse, here.
Accessing/downloading them is free, and you don't necessarily need a Thingiverse account to read my post.

I believe that it is a "clean and lean" solution. Very light, easy to handle, quick to mount, provides great images, and it's very very cheap (I assess that the total cost of the material that you need is around 6-7 euros, or US dollars).
Yeah... you need a 3D printer... :-(
but they are not so uncommon nowadays. If you don't have one, ask a friend, a colleague, a Club mate: I bet they will be eager to support. BTW, printing takes less than 4 hours (which is nothing, I can tell you!), and takes circa 50 grams of filament - i.e: less than ONE dollar.

If you like the mount, and/or if you have improvements to suggest, just drop me a line here below.
I would be eager to make my design better.
Images of your make of the mount are also very much appreciated.

TO NOTE : it seems there are mixed opinions, which need to be demystified, on mounts that require double-sided adhesive. The solution is pretty straightforward: the double-sided tape must be of extra good quality. That's it ! I tested several different (budget) tapes and they simply don't do the job. I strongly recommend using the 3M VHB 5259, 19mm width. It is a bit expensive (I paid 10 euros for 3m on Amazon), but it is worth the investment.