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My employer is willing to provide sponsorship money to me personally, as opposed to sponsorship of a regatta or event. Can I carry the corporate logo on my sail? Can I give my Laser a name that endorses the company? The rule book as I read it seems to deal only with event sponsorship.
I was in the same position as you were. Read the rule book very carefully. If you go to the ILCA site and read the By-Law 1 rules, you will find it says:

For the purposes of RRS 79 and ISAF Regulation 20.4.2 (a) Advertising Code Category C shall apply to the Laser, Laser Radial and Laser 4.7.

The link to this page is here:

Now we have to find out what Category C advertising is. For this we look up the US Sailing's rules:

Here it says:

Category C

Advertising is permitted as per Category A, and addition on hulls, spars and sails without restriction except the space reserved for identification for Appendix G and under section 20.3(b), (c) and (d).

All Category A means is that the builders Logo is permitted on any part of the boat and Appendix G is the the space on the sail for the class symbol.

I've taken these rules to mean that advertising IS legal. However, you may want to be careful when going to some regattas. I've actually seen regattas allow only Category A advertising. Make sure you read the sailing instructions or NOR.
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One thing. (I just read the ISAF rules you linked). I note that "The right to choose Cat. A or C applies to all ISAF Classes, except Olympic classes, which shall be unrestricted Cat. C." The implication is that the Laser class doesn't have an option on which catagory applies. Advertising must be unrestricted. Does that sound right?

My next problem is that I am in Canada. And it looks like I have to find out if my national sasiling authority (not the class) restricts us to Cat. A. (though, as stated, they may not have the right to do so in Olympic classes).

If you read the RRS and ILCA applications you will see that Lasers and Radials being Olympic classes are in Category C. You should be aware that the event sponsor does have the right to mark each boat if it applies in that regatta. This will be clearly indicated in the NOR.

Would he like to sponsor me??
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I was wondering how long it would take before someone asked that question. I am sure the company would consider sponsoring you if you worked for it. But you would have to live in Canada. In an igloo like the rest of us.
Go ahead get sponsored.
CYA does not restrict Laser to Class A.
Have fun. Do you have a 1 or 2 story Igloo?
I just got into a 2 story myself. So much more room.
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speaking of cold weather, has anyone actually sailed in a snow storm? About 20 years ago, I remember going out on Jan. 1 here in Toronto when I was at the Water Rats YC. It's snowing here in Toronto today, and I am hoping to go out for a sail this Saturday. Should be nice if it snows.
RobKoci said:
speaking of cold weather, has anyone actually sailed in a snow storm? About 20 years ago, I remember going out on Jan. 1 here in Toronto when I was at the Water Rats YC. It's snowing here in Toronto today, and I am hoping to go out for a sail this Saturday. Should be nice if it snows.
In deep November of 1981 we had races(for ranking) for an open 2-men-sailboat -called "Pirat"- in Northwest Germany in the near fo Bremen. It was called "foghorn-race" and it was cold and snowy and windy and we survieved - all 50 boats...

Paul Elvstoem sailed for trainig always in winter - until the ice in the Fjord of Flensburg made Dinghysailing impossilbe... of course he was the onlyone at that time whi did that....

RobKoci said:
Yea, I remember Paul E. Definitely one of my heros. The guy was a giant in sailing in his day. Is he still alive?
Yes Rob, he is :)
at the following link, you can see some nice pic´s from him from Nov-14th 2004 with Mr. Henderson, our former big Admiral of all comphetitive sailors. And another pic with Mr. Cayard.

I want to add that Mr. Elvstroem, so the history is written here, did his winterpractice in the 50/60ties with his Finn-Dinghy not with breathable modern-drysuits and such stuff of course, but with pullovers and this old yellow-rubber-"wet"-suits, that you maybe remebmer from your 1st sailingdays in your life.... He must have had a contract with the devil to do such sailing in very windy days with cold-air&water...

@ Merrily
Today, DEC-6th, it is the day of Mr. Santa Claus, that we call in Germany "Nikolaus" :) (The Dutch call him "Sinterklaas")
Because our dear Bradley has done no special preparation to this holy-day on TLF-Homepage, I thought, at least one Laserite should do something.
The attavar is a good place for this, I also thought.

In my hibernation I do a lot of things.
In the moment I search urgent for a Laserdinghy in MELBOURNE in January for a Laserite from Germany, who is there in vacation. 2 of my dear Australian friends, here from the TLF, are very quiet to me to this point (although I sent them Emails) in the moment and I will hope they can help soon...PLEASE :)

Next week I start to make the finish spraying of 2 old centerboards and 3 rudders (that I already repaired with automotive-filler, sanded and pre-painted) with 2-comp-poyurethane-paint "Perfection" from Interlux (, but this story belongs to another thread, ok.
On the attavar you see Mr. Santa-Clause, alias Tim Allen :) (not the Tim Allen from the ILCA-NA Laserites). The 2 movies, if you can see them somewhere at your TV, is a big screaming joke ...

But I´m also interested now, to go on with the question of sponsoring.
Has some one some good examples for the sail? I guess, one scetch can say more than 100´s of words.

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In my pitch for sponsorship, I intend to photoshop an image of the company's logo on a sail in a picture of a bunch of Lasers on a starting line. The company's logo is red, so its going to stick out beautifully. When I get it done, I'll post it.
i have 2 sponsors and they occupy the space on either side of the bow of my boat and either side of the stren, both above teh waterline that is. and i have a 5 story igloo with a 2 story garage for my sled dogs to live in!