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The Porpoise


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Here is our first sail with the Porpoise. I must say that there is a huge difference in comfort levels compared to our Sunfish. Though it doesn't show, the wind was howling yesterday, and we almost dumped it a few times.

Tight lines to all.



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I was a bit disappointed when an advertised "Sunfish" turned out to be a "Porpoise II". The sellers said it was a "training Sunfish". :rolleyes:
The price was good, so I bought it anyway.

A feature it has (that the Sunfish doesn't quite have), is a shallow cockpit that allows the skipper to recline, nearly stretched-out-flat, while sailing in a moderate breeze.

I need a pillow for it to be perfect. :p


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Yep, that's the comfort level I was talking about. I am 6'2, and it makes it difficult for quick tacks especially when my daughter is with me. I'll have to figure out a way for the pillow placement as you speak of. Good idea!


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My first boat was a 14' Porpoise and I hear you about the lack of comfort. I did use a boat cushion and sit in the footwell. Actually, I still have the spars and sail from that, which I use on my "real" sunfish today, and they are wooden and fair a bit bigger than sour typical sunfish sail.