The new guy and his beat up boat!


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Greatings all,

I recently purchased a 14.2 of the 1986 vintage from a local sailing school. I got it mid last summer for $200 and it needed help. All the lines we're rotted, the whole of the boat was covered in moss, several broken blocks, and a cracked CB. After doing enough to get it to a condition I could sail it, we had several fun days of sailing last summer. Now that winter is here, I'm going to continue to fix it up, but I could use a little guidence as this is the first "fixer" I've ever owned.

Question one. There is concederable damage to the deck mold around the edges of the bow from students running her in to the dock, as well as minor cracking around the deck mold from the same. Has anyone ever replaced a deck mold, is it an available part from Catalina, or am I just headed in the wrong direction?

Question two. Has anyone ever painted the bottom of thier boat? If so what did you use and how much did you need?

Question three. I'd like to understand the progression of generations for this boat (i.e. Mod 1, Mod 2, etc.) are there any links that explain this, or is it explained in the manual avilable on this site?

Question four. I'll need to get a different set of sails since my main sail has ripped at the foot. I'd really like to get a furrling head sail, can anyone recomend a good, inexpensive, system to use?

Thanks for any help in advance.

Jim Lund
Portland, OR
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A lot of questions, such as the history of the class and the various mods, can be answered by clicking "FAQ" on the home page.

The deck mold, correctly called the rubrail, is no longer made for the older boats that use the flat rubrail. (The new, half-round rubrail used on Mod 3s, is available, but I don't think it will fit the older boats.) Sorry.

Yes, people have used bottom paint on the Capri 14.2s.

Catalina Yachts is a good source for new sails and roller furling hardware. Call them at 818-884-7700 and ask for Parts. But if you want to race, I'd recommend somewhat pricier sails from some of the lofts such as North, Quantum, Scott and Ullman.
Do a search in this forum for furlerto see some conversations and links.

you could probably search for mod 1 2 and 3 and find some historical info.