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The Laser Rowing Shell is still produced


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Crooked, you must have posted the wrong article as that one doesn't say anything about the Laser Shell.

The print edition shows a photo of the one of the few non powered boat that Rossiter produces: The Laser Rowing Shell. Sorry!

Try this "
Building on the practical, seaworthy tradition established by Laser in the 1980’s, Rossiter has purchased the molds and production rights, improved the performance and functionality, and is building the Laser Sport Shell once again. With a beam of 28 inches, its enhanced stability makes it ideal for beginners and heavyweights alike. The sliding seat rig is also light and strong with a fully adjustable foot stretcher for folks of all sizes.
  • LOA – 18’
  • Beam – 28”
  • Weight – 85 lbs
  • Capacity – 195 lbs"
Rossiter Boats Details and Specifications | Walkers Point Marina look at the bottom.

No mention if the train seats that laser also made in the 1980s are going back in production!!