"Tennis Elbow" (Lateral Epicondylitis) - anyone use a brace with success?


Wondering if anyone has had the unfortunate aggravation of "Tennis Elbow" which occurs in many chronic load bearing activities with a grip (ie main sheeting). This is inflammation and pain on the outside (lateral side) of the elbow on or near the pointy prominence. With this type of injury, has anyone had success getting it under better control with a forearm or elbow brace? Here is one type:

If anyone has used a similar (or different) type of brace or has a specific recommendation that has proven itself to you, please post. Likewise - if any other recommendations or advice on to how to manage while sailing - please post your advice. (Obviously when off boat - ice, nsaids, rest, & stretches are the standard of care and a given).

Tennis elbow braces are a hit or miss, depending on the thickness of the band that is appealing the pressure to the tendon. Think of it like a reed on a guitar which changes the pitch of the string. Some have pillows or gel pad, some are like a rope. Keep the packaging and receipt in case it doesn't work out and you want to try a different brand. I have had people buy 3-4 different types before they find one that works best for them.

I don't think there is a way to manage the irritation while sailing a laser without a mainsheet cleat. The primary aggravating factor is maintaining a constant grip, like constantly holding the mainsheet. Luckily the off-season is near (unless you sail all year), and is a good time to rest, recuperate, and rebuild the muscle for next season. The "no-pain, no-gain" principle does not apply here, it should be "no-pain period" in everything you do throughout your day, including sleeping. Some people sleep with a hand/wrist brace to avoid gripping covers in during the night. If you don't wake up in the night due to pain, then it is not an aggravating factor to worry about.
Right @ProATC - this will certainly be unlikely to manage without a cleat and l bet I just need serious time off. I was hoping to keep racing to the start of December.

Regardless, I will still take recommendations from anyone out there who found a particular brace useful. I am planning to start blindly picking one out this week, but It would be great if anyone has anecdotal experience with some to try based off previous success. Much appreciated!
I aggravated my left forearm as a result of too much time too quickly on the rowing machine. After months of trying to fix it myself (mostly with braces and bands intended to isolate the ligament), I finally resorted to PT. A bit of manual manipulation, massage and dry needling got it to resolve.