Teak Maintenance - What Do You Do?

Bill Ewing

New Member
My wife and I have lots of teak furniture and just love it. They say all teak now is from plantations and not from the exploitation of rain forests-- let's hope this is true.

Anyway, as with furniture, I figured I'd clean and then oil the teak spray rail on my mod1 (I understand mod3's don't have these). I tend to think once you paint or varnish something, you're stuck for life, so teak oil may be the way to go. But then, we haven't tried taking the dining room table into the bay.

A friend with lots of boating experience suggested using a synthetic varnish called Ceatol. For larger boats with lots of teak, this seems to be quite popular. It's pretty easy to find discussion of it in boating groups on the Internet. There's also a similar product called Armada, and I heard it doesn't have as much of an orangish color.

Although Ceatol may called a varnish, it reportedly doesn't behave like one and has much better characteristics.

The negative I heard about oiling teak is you may have to do it more often and the oil may ooze out some. Is this a problem? Does it stain?

Before doing anything, we'd love to hear how everyone else is taking care of the teak on their C14's and whether what I report above is accurate.
Refinish Kit

When we bought our Model 2 the woodwork was stained an ugly brown. Unique Teak Kit by Boat Armor Marine Products is a three part kit that washed off the old finish and restored the Teak to like new. It does require care to keep it from the staining the fiberglass. It worked great.