Taking on Water



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HI Great Sailors,

Had a great sail yesterday in ten knot winds. After the sail I noticed water in the cuddy. This had never happend before.
Back at home I opened the drain in the transom and expelled almost five gallons of water.

Any ideas where I might be taking on water? Or why? Is this normal for windy days?

Thanks for your help.

South Carolina
I have noticed water getting into mine when I end up crashing though a lot of waves. I have never found a leak so I figured it must be getting through around the deck and hull fasteners. If I sal on a calm lake I never get water.
Thanks for the input, Kim.

It was indeed a pretty wet ride. I was thinking maybe the water was coming in through the centerboard trunk. Since you have had your centerboard out, are there any potential slots where water might enter?

Ed Jones

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All of the Mod 1s and most of the Mod 2s have the decks glued to the hull. (Mod 3s are bolted - much better) Anyway it sometimes happens there will be a separation between the hull and the deck. One way to check on a Mod 1: On a sunny day, look up into the cuddy and see if you can see light at the hull/deck joint. Another way is to spray water up into the joint from the outside with a hose.