Sunfish trailering recommendations please


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I’m hoping to purchase a couple Sunfish sailboats while vacationing in NH and I need a trailer to bring them back to northern VA at the end of this week. I’ve heard transporting them on edge can work well since that point between deck and hull is very strong. I’m wondering if using a two-sided kayak carrier mounted on a trailer could work well enough to get the boats safely home where I intend to build an A-frame rack to mount onto my galvanized steel 5x9 utility trailer. Another option I’ve found up here is a homemade trailer for two Sunfish. Again, either trailer I purchase in NH will only be used to bring the boats home where I’ll build a more substantial trailer rack for 2 or 3 Sunfish. Below are close-ups of the two trailer options I’m considering here in NH. What do you all think of either?


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I've got a good Sunfish for sale resting on Lake Winnipesaukee near Wolfeboro. It's not advertised yet. (My best of five Sunfish)!

With some extra muscle to carry it uphill, I could even deliver it free, cartopped, using I-81! :cool:

I like the shiny trailer. If it were mine, I'd study the effects of trailering over a speed bump. If the "rebound" is severe--which is likely--consider removing one or more spring leaves. (The brackets appear unrusted, making adjustments easy). Fully loaded, adjustments shouldn't make the springs to appear curved the opposite way (from stock).

Or consider a trailer shop for their opinion.
I dont believe the kayak carriers will handle the weight long term. The double trailer might have issues because the V is too deep. Plus you NEVER trust the tires or wheel bearings for long trips unless you make sure bearings are properly greased, not bad and properly tightened. Then some of the small wheels are not really ment for running highway speeds for long times.

It does not take a lot to transport them. You could rent a Uhaul trailer. I used a Harbor Freight trailer with some harder packing foam. I made work for 2 with some 2x4's in a U shape. The HF trailer is nice as it can be used for other things and stores in a garage nice.


Tires and wheel bearings that are appropriate for your trip.
Foam between the deck and trailer or 2x4's works fine.
Know the proper paperwork so you can legally transfer the registration.
Rachet straps work well, if they get wet stop and check their tightness

So there are many options that will let you tralier the Sunfish. They all work. Go to a regional race and you get a better understanding of how diverse the ideas for getting the Sunfish to the race really are, I know I was amazed.