Sunfish speeds - high and low...


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Im 200 lbs - what kind of speeds can I expect in the following winds on a beam reach...

5 knot winds

10 knot winds

15 knot winds

20 knot winds

Lastly, since you cant reef, say you're caught way out there and the winds kick up to who knows... 30 - 35 knots???? Isnt it a liability not being able to reef a sunny? Can previsions be made - reefing sewed into it?

Pete, you start by adjusting the goose neck back for higher wind conditions and when it get too high and you can't hike enough to control the boat the sail is then rigged with what's called a Jenn's rig. This is basically tying off the upper spar lower than the top of the mast with a second line so less sail is presented in from to the mast and the spars can have more bend and "spill" wind from the sail. The particulars are all in "the Sunfish Bible" IMHO a must have for any Fish sailor other than a day sailer on ponds. It's available at the Main Sunfish site page.

Thanks for the input - and as you suspect - I have no interest in ponds. I had no idea you could do that with the sail - interesting.

Thanks again.

If you join the class their publication "the Windward Leg" just had an article on reefing and how to accomplish it while staying within the rules of the class. while you may not be interested in the rules the solution is very clever.