Sunfish Restoration: AMF Alcort Division Viper and Sugar 2

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We rounded up 2 Sunfish built by AMF's Alcort Division. "Viper" is a 1980 boat that had been holding down a piece of plywood at Coastal Marine Works (formerly Breezy Boat City) in Gulf Breeze Florida. A young man needing some cash had brought in the damaged hull to our friend Jan and he helped him out. The hull had most of the parts stripped, a damaged seam and unsightly fiberglass patches, so it took up residence on a piece of plywood behind the office. Jan sold the business to our friend Allen Pinkston aka "Viper" and we discussed the destiny of the hull several times. The good news was that with all of the holes in it, no water had stayed inside and saturated the foam blocks. "Viper" will get a Naval Aviation tribute paint scheme using VF-84's Jolly Rogers colors as inspiration.

Viper at Coastal Marine Works.jpg

"Sugar 2" is a 1983 boat that was doing an admirable job of leaning against a wall at ICC Marine in Gulf Shores, Alabama. She had most of her parts stripped as well and has a big hole in the bow. We bought her as part of a 2 1/2 boat deal from Jim and our friend Loxley brought her over when he came to pick up "Boo." The hull is actually in decent shape, just need a bath and small repair....and a lot of parts. "Sugar 2" will get a tribute paint scheme using S-2F Tacker paint as a guide.

Sugar 2 bow.jpg

to be continued...


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If it were not for the Bateau we would not have America. Well done! As they say
in Aviation, as long as you have the Data Plate you can build a aircraft around it
and call it a restoration. Also like the Sunfish restoration. Not a lot of people know
how to "peel up the deck to save the wreck!".

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As for new paint themes we like traditional and we like mixing it up a bit. Turns out the tribute paint scheme we modeled VIPER after had diagonal stripes :)
Can't wait to see the boat on the water.

VF-84 Jolly Rogers is a Navy squadron. I worked on the F-4N in the Marine Corps, VFA-323 Death Rattlers, so maybe the snake theme will continue?

VF-84 Phantom Jolly Roger.jpg

Sugar 2 (S-2) will have a Navy training squadron tribute scheme, VT-27 from Corpus Christi flew the TS-2A. The safety orange color will be fun, with some red, white and blue graphics mixed in somewhere, maybe on the sail or on a Stars and Bars insignia.

VT27 TS2A.jpg
Signal Charlie!

Great to see another Marine around here. I went throught primary flight training in VT-28 (right next door to 27) as a Second Lieutenant in the Corps. Those days are long behind me now, but the Marine Corps has a special place in my heart, and has fostered my love of the water (and the air!).

Happy belated birthday, Marine - your restoration work on these boaots is beautiful.

Much respect,

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Hey Whitecap,

Thanks for the kind words. When did you go through Corpus? I went through VT-6 in Whiting then was an IP later at VT-27 1993-96. Flew SAR in Yuma so the orange and white paint scheme is burned into my brain.

Where's that picture form, El Centro Det?

Happy Birthday and Semper Fi
"Clark" Kent Lewis
Signal Charlie,
I initially went through Corpus as a stud in 95-96 in VT-28. Then came back again as an IP to VT-28 a week after the towers fell in 2001. That orange and white paint scheme is burned into my brain as well - single best job in the Marine Corps!

That pic was most likely taken from Las Cruces. Dec- Feb, when the weather gets bad in Corpus, 27 & 28 send 10-20 birds each, to complete all their PA and formation flights. The weather ( food and beer as well) is always good in Las Cruces!


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VIPER's new owner Dozer went out for sea trials.


I like how he dedicated half a sentence to the F-16 and 3 paragraphs to the Sunfish :) Check out the full description on youtube.

We couldn't be more pleased with VIPER's new family!

On to SUGAR 2 now!

Kent and Audrey
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