Sunfish PVC Dollies


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I'm not new to the Sunfish (owned since 1986), but I am new to having a permanent place to sail it. A fellow told me about plans that are available for a PVC dolly. I can't find them. Does anyone know where I can get the plans?


I made a PVC dolly for my Laser. It lasted for a couple of seasons. The dolly is fine for rolling around on pavement but if you have to push or pull it over bumps, it isn't very strong. Mine broke this way. It didn't hold up too well, but it was cheap!!!

Good luck.

Neil....are you going to the Sam Meyers regatta in July at Pymatuning, OH?
I will be going, as will my wife (her first solo regatta!) and hopefully 2 others from the Erie YC. It would be good to meet some "local" sunfishers.

Hi Tim. I am trying to arrange my schedule so I can sail at the Sam Meyers regatta. We held the first of three Midwest Regional Championships at our club June 12th and 13th and the sailors who traveled to compete sparked my desire to travel to other regattas. Hopefully I'll see you at Pymatuning.
I have another alternative for a sunfish dolly other than the pvc route. I recently made a dolly for my boats from a handtruck from HomeDepot. They have a nice $39.95 handtruck with inflated tires and a truck body that is nylon/plastic rated for 600 lbs. I simply removed the steel blade (four bolts) and the curved metal handle (two bolts). The handtruck body that remains, has wheels, axel and the nylon body even has an inverted vee shape that holds the keel well. I added two 60" long metal replacement broom handles , bolting them into the same holes that the former handle used. The handles were topped with a swivelling plastic end piece designed with a hole to allow it to be hung on a hook. I pass a line through both handles and then use it to secure my Sunfish ontop of the dolly using the cleat. I find that this dolly works great to single-handedly transport and launch even over fairly rocky terrain and the best part is that it only cost me about $50 and 20 minutes for assembly!!!!
if you wanted a dolly to last longer i would try it with stainless steel or aluminum piping. my yacht club made canoe racks with thick pipe but im not sure what others they make them in. it would be a bit more expensive but would most likely last you allot longer