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Sunfish/Laser v. Vanguard Lasers

David Teach

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I think Sunfish stopped building Lasers in March 1997, when Vanguard took over. Any opinions about Sunfish versus Vanguard Lasers?

Rob B

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I had a 1993 Sunfish/Laser for 6-7 years. Loved the boat. Never had a problem with it. Since I've owned 3 different Vanguard hulls. All 3 have been great.

The key to any boat is taking care of it. If you want a well preserved Laser, (of any year) store it indoors and always store it clean and dry. Repair any dents, dings or leaks asap, (and not with duct tape) and reseal the deck fittings every few years.

The only builds I recall any significant quality issues with was during the late 80's when there was a deck delamination issue. This was before Sunfish/Laser


Just sailing
Weren't they built in the same facility by the same people? And you're talking about 20-year-old boats, too. How they were sailed and stored is more important now.
The later year Sunfish Laser boats were great As were the Vanguard Boats and early laser Performance Boats. There was a 6 month grouping of LP boats that are a cancerous bunch with rail splitting and falling apart. Some hard sailors are having problems with the last 2 years of L.P. boats. I have a 2014 LP and a 2005 Vanguard. Every dig in the Vanguard gets fixed and it is still light and STIFF!!!! The LP smells like fresh Glass and epoxy every time it compresses over waves.