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hi all, i've done a search and cannot find a thread on where to find my identification number on my sailfish. I've looked on-line and do not see it anywhere on the boat(on the stern, or anywhere). it's definitely an alcort sunfish, sticker and looks tell me so. no dry storage spot, drain is on the port side of the deck. have i overlooked something?
can anyone help me with this mystery?
thanks, patrick
The storage compartment started in 1971, so you are earlier than that- before Hull ID # was required. You have the ‘old style’ rudder. The aluminum plate that would have confirmed the year was once on the deck, just aft of the splash guard/coaming. Any stripe- one or two- on the deck? Does sail have a maker?- possibly Ratsey Lapthorne if original.
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yes, it has a white stripe towards the bow, above the splash guard. (all yellow deck otherwise, white splash guard)
i will look at the sail when i get home today & post pics. :)
( i'm thrown off to hear it's possibly '72 or before because the alcort sunfish stickers on the starboard side of the boat and inside of the foot area are in such decent condition!)

beldar boathead

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Twin white stripes on foredeck is 69 or 70. Triple stripes on foredeck only with old bronze rudder is 1971. Triple on foredeck only with aluminum rudder parts is 72. 1971 and prior had either a sticker or metal plaque behind the splashrail with the number. The stickers fell off but metal plaques were more durable.
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we are getting close!
the boat has three white stripes on the fore deck: thin stripe, thick stripe, thin stripe (all white).
i believe it's an aluminium with wood rudder. (again, will look when home)
Thanks beldar!
Well, the good news is it looks like you DO have a storage compartment- unless that’s just a shadow I’m seeing. The rear of the cockpit will hold a small cooler. Are you thinking of an inspection port with a storage bag? That is something else entirely-
Also looks like some damage to the aluminum trim on the port stern area. Check for leaks before reattaching that trim with rivets.
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ahh, i see. thank you for the knowledge! i am a newbie.
yes, i was referring to an inspection port and going by your comments about the trim(which i have noticed and was going to re-rivet)should i put in an inspection port towards the stern? or, stay away from port, if possible.
also, what year do we now think the boat is having the storage area, '72?
thanks again for everyone's help!
Bronze rudder- ‘71, aluminum rudder- ‘72 (thanks, BB) No, don’t add an inspection port unless you need it, but you won’t know if you need it until you do a leak test or if you see obvious repairs that would require access to the hull interior. Eventually you may want to upgrade to the new style rudder, which would require a port, but for now I’d focus on getting it watertight and on the water.
Keep the questions coming, that’s how I learn, too! This forum has lots of knowledgeable sailors who provide great help. Happy to pass on what I’ve learned along the way
I have no idea if mine is a 71 or 72, the rudder is gone. I have a later cheek and rudder and a SS gudgeon I can put on mine, I just need the curved backing plate. 20 no gudgeon.jpg 20150627_075929.jpg 20150727_194810.jpg