Sunfish Group on Facebook

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This is an invitation for all you sunfish sailors to join the crowd on Facebook . Its a great networking site and a good way to share photos online. After joining, just search the groups for "Sunfish Class" and you should find many of your fellow sailors.
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If you don't want to be a part, that is your perogative...But, this provides another method...Its easier for people to provide profiles with contact information/photos/yacht club information, etc. Its a much better way than here to share photos, and its easier to message individuals than a bulletin board setup. Don't confuse my take, this site is great and a perfect location to share news. Facebook has its own advantages and they are separate and different from here. Anyways, in just its first week in existence, the group on facebook has grown to over 30 members, which is way short of this site, but the member profiles make it way easier to see who you are communicating with. Anyways, its just an invitation, your choice to take advantage or not. Take care.