Sunfish Dolly on a Trailer

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Since returning to Sunfish racing after years of keelboats, the biggest change is how we move and launch the boats now. Everyone has dollies, and most racing venues require beach launching. The dolly has become essential.

Transporting a dolly along with a boat presents inconvenient challenges. Disassemble and reassemble each time, storing inside the car? Strap it onto the boat and trailer, fully or partially assembled? Trail the boats, and cartop the dollies? And there are parts to be lost, when reassembly is part of the scenario.

I really like, in concept, the Right-On Trailer approach, where the boat lives on the dolly, and the dolly rolls on and off of the trailer.

My Charlie Bravo* Problem is that this is a $750 trailer, with shipping, that looks like my paid-for trailer with red paint and a pair of bolted-on wheel rests for the dolly.

SO...given the traditional creativity of Sunfish sailors, has anyone made trailer modifications to roll-on a dolly-mounted boat? It seems like it would be economically feasible with minimal work to an existing trailer.

*Code flags C and B, as in “Cheap Bastard.”
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I found this about a great solution from Dynamic Dollies, but can’t find anything on their site. I assume this is unavailable now?


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Call Dynamic and ask them.

The dolly takes seconds to disassemble into 5 parts, or flip it upside down and carry it on the boat. You could also buy a used jet ski trailer and slide boat on dolly up onto the bunks, the dolly crossbar will ride nice on the bunks and tie the tongue to the trailer tongue or lash onto the forward keel roller.


Trailer Sunfish utility.jpg

Double trailer loaded.jpg




If you decide to go with Dynamic Dollies, send me a message. I am an e-dealer and can get you one with free shipping in CONUS.


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