Sunfish blasphemy question

If you had a open development Sunfish class it would slowly transform the Sunfish into what the development Moth Class looks like. In the end you would have a all Carbon Fiber Hydrofoil Sunfish that is highly technical and in no way resembles a Sunfish. Could you limit 'Tech Creep' to keep is simple and fun? Maybe. As explained earlier in the thread, a 'Classic Sunfish' class was tried but everyone kept showing up with different 'Classic Hardware, (Centerboards). I think the handicapped 'Fun Sail Race' it the best thing for low cost fun.


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Interesting idea to open a league of racing for Sunfish sans racing parts, or develop the handicap system...:eek:!!
Open regattas between boats of different designs have been run under the Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system for a long time.

The Sunfish basic handicap is 99.6

What if they did what they do in other sports where equipment matters (i.e. - cycling), and have an "open division?" By "open division," meaning people can modify their Sunfish any way they want (so long as its safe) and race 'em. Though straying away from the "one-design" concept, it does open doors for many guys (and gals) who like to tinker and be engineers. (I have a bad feeling, though, that those marine and aeronautical engineers would dominate...):D
One Design, whatever the mechanized competition, focuses on the human element and their skill level. Adding starter level equipment and developing skill based category levels has been suggested before. Even simply having a "Legacy" or "Classic" sub-class for pre-'72 generation Sunfish comes up every year.

What it sounds like you're proposing is a competition between the "machines", engaging deep pockets and technology..., robot wars goes sailing.

There has been a small faction interested in this sort of sailing. Their design talents and money usually get applied to endeavors like speed records. Go Fur It ...

A handicap system that adjusts for everyday sailor level modifications and tactics is called a "beer run" and has also been around for a long time. This would be your "open" or "citizen" cycling class.

base price: $16,995.00
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What's in your wallet?


From what I understand after several conversations with people at the factory, their feeling is that the class is so small that they can't make money on the boat and especially its aftermarket sales unless they control the supply, and if they can't make money on the boat, they would have to shift their attention to those boats that make more money for them, like the Laser or the Opti. They make the hulls themselves, but they outsource the spars, sails and blades. Their production runs are very small, on the order of a few hundred or a few thousand units annually, so they can't take advantage of volume discounts, especially for replacement parts. Unlike the Laser, 420, etc, LP owns the patents for the Sunfish and every custom part on it, so nobody else can make the Sunfish specific parts, like the rudder connections or the hull, without their permission, and nobody can take over the manufacturing of the boat without a licence from them.

It's kind of the price we pay for them to continue making the boat and its parts.