Suitable Cover for outside on Trailer?


After I get our new-to-us Sunfish cleaned up and ready, I'd like to give it some immediate protection from the elements.

What's the going advice on covering a Sunfish on a trailer? Is there a go-to cover you all recommend? Is it always best to bring the sail inside?


i have and everyone in my little crew have the covers from slo sail. fit is perfect and decent price. made to order so takes a few weeks to get. mines an older one and still in great shape.

the onlything i ahve that stays outside is the hull and trailer and thats only if i cant fit it in the door.

we need a resource list of vendors for stuff. lol.
SLO Sail makes a great cover, for sure. This one was just listed today on the Facebook group Sunfish Sailfish Repair. Hard to find them used, and in great shape, too. This is a good deal (not mine)
A sail bag is also great to have. I just saw a used one on craigslist for $20. Protect your investment!
Spare yourself the sinking feeling of taking your sail out after a winter’s nap only to find it speckled with holes from mice.


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We have 6+ covers from SLO Sail and Canvas. We order the Pacific Blue Sunbrella with the options of Spars On Deck and Straps. We leave the mast on the boat to act as a ridepole and let some airflow under the cover. The Sunbrella is water repellent when new and that can be renewed as needed. The straps and buckles ensure a good fit and we find that easier than fiddling with tying lines.

We store sail and boom indoors because it might get damp under the cover over a long period of outdoor time, and mice can find their way into small spaces. But we wanted the Spars On Deck option in case we are sailing the boat for a few days in a row.

One thing with Sunbrella is that it shouldn't be trailered long distances, as wear points can chafe through unless you put padding underneath. There are other materials that are good for trailering but those materials don't breathe.

I have SLO sail covers for my Sunfish and Mistral 16 also my Vagabond 14. but also, have had Sailors Tailor covers that were awesome, and have a sunfish cover from Ebay for my Clone fish Windflite, that is great.
Just received Bobert’s new cover. Looks great and perfect fit but wow! They packed it directly in the box with no bag. So I am the proud owner of a brand new scuffed up boat cover. It’s more prominent in the Sun and at an angle. A little bummed about that.

I’ll have to request a bag on the next order. Ugh.


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